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About A.Rae

Adriyan Rae was born October 7th in the small city of Seaford Delaware, where she was raised with the ideals that someone can accomplish anything they set their hearts and minds to. She is of African American, German, Native American, and Venezuelan decent. That beautiful mixture created what is today’s model, singer, and actress whom is based out of Los Angeles California. It was 2013 when Adriyan was discovered on the internet, (Youtube and Instagram). Adriyan says, “I never realized or really thought I was exceptionally talented vocally until I was discovered by representatives of one of the largest and most well known record companies in the world. I was like wait… What?!” It was just the beginning of the young and talented life of Adriyan Rae.

Early Life:
Raised where corn fields and “muddin” are the norm; by a single mother, who made sure the student athlete knew that she was a student before anything else. She was held to a high academic standard while being a three season athlete. Excelling in track and field as well as field hockey, she made it to the Junior Olympic teams in both sports while keeping a 4.0 GPA in school. Adriyan’s mother says that ” If you would’ve asked Adriyan at the age of 8 years old what she wanted to be when she grew up she would have replied, a cardiothoracic surgeon”. After high school she relocated to the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia where she obtained two degrees in Physician Assistant Studies and Medical Laboratory Science, as well as  her accreditation by the American Society of Clinical Pathology as a Medical Laboratory Scientist. It was then that she realized her calling. From there her course was set to Atlanta Georgia, after gaining traction in Atlanta; Adriyan headed out to Los Angeles where she currently acts, sings, and models.


Currently Adriyan is working in television, film, and commercial acting. You may recognize her from Donald Glover’s Emmy Winning TV series ATLANTA  as Candice, or Columbia Picture’s new SuperFly remake as yet again Candice, of even Lee Daniel’s STAR as Tammi. She stands on the platform of #LoveandLight; which she will easily tell you is more than just a hashtag to her. It is what she strives to be to others and fully embody. “Spread love, and be light” is what she always says. From this platform she founded and became the CEO of #LoveandLight Media. It was important to her that her company look and stand for the things she did as well. And so it was born; an entertainment company that dabbles in everything from production and screenwriting to scholarship funds. With slogans like “You’ll always find love here” and a mission statement of “We are here to spread love and bring light to the world, with the heart, through the art” she undoubtedly made sure the company did just that.
In addition to seeing her on the big screen, her first musical endeavor “Simplistically Complex” will explore her journey and struggle of leaving her entire life behind to follow her dreams, this is yet another way Adriyan allows her fans insight to her very private life and personal endeavors. It is set to be released in the near future.
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