you’ll always find love here

A Message From Rae

My loves, my loves, my loves…

I simply wanted to thank each and every one of you for visiting, showing love & support, and always providing me with encouragement. You as well as those wonderful gestures are all greatly appreciated! I can only hope to encourage and inspire you all, as you have done for me. Each post, picture, and status is an attempt to reach out to you all…hoping that the words I speak, find the ears that need to hear them. Remember to be of love, full of it, and to spread light. Keep your peace and guard your happiness. And lastly, never become stagnant or stop striving to grow and progress daily. Dream your wildest dreams and then turn them into goals! You can do and be whatever you choose… you have everything you need inside you.

– with love Ι with light Ι – A.Rae